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Welcome to Southern Cross Precast Concrete

Southern Cross Precast Concrete is a goto operator in the precast concrete industry. With an easily accessible premise just north of the Wollongong CBD on the South Coast of NSW, we have been able to produce and deliver a significant number of projects and make a lot of happy customers. 

We can offer products ranging from large 30 tonne structural pieces, down to the smallest commodity items weighing just 25 Kg. With our inhouse fabrication and design skills, we are able to offer a complete service from steel fabrication, mould making, production, assembly, transporting/delivery and on occassions site installation work while complying to Australian precast concrete standards.

Due to the fluidity of wet concrete we are not limited to smooth straight shapes, while we can easily produce them, we are able to offer products with a large variety of shapes, surface finishes and colours, and can incorporate the requirements of industrial, architectural, domestic and high end commercial clients. 

Our surface finishes range from smooth grey off-form classes, textured, patterned, ,terrazo, polished finishes, acid etched, sand blasted, and non slip to name a few. We have an excellent group of suppliers that enable us to offer a range of pigmented concrete colours and textures these include the use of off-white cement,  white and or coloured stone and quartz, sea shells, glass, and many others. These combined with an exposed aggregate or polished sealed surface, provide a visual master peice bordering on art for the client.

We have produced goods for significant goverment contracts right through to the smallest peices for hire companies, and the general public. With our close proximity to Wollongong city CBD and local freeways visiting us is a simple process. We have inhouse design tools and can produce certified products as and when required. Our finished products have been delivered far and wide from Nowra in the South to Newcastle in the North, and with our exceptional products and services, you will see and or use our products throughout NSW. 

For more information and enquiries or to place orders please contact us.