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Stone Work Built for the Ages.

When you need a job made of stone that will last the test of time, SCPC can deliver the goods. With our trade qualified stone mason, we can provide solid stone walls, with durability and presence, right through to simple stone facades, that have the look without the price tag. With extensive experience producing any stone structure, SCPC can add to existing work or start a project from scratch, more recent projects include Coastal Retaining Walls, Decorative/feature walls, Domestic walls, and buildings.

SCPC are fully equiped to provide the stone and the people to make your walls into the centre feature of your project. Or produce a dramatic backdrop for the more discerning client. We specialise in producing full stone walls where durability is the paramount requirement, but are as equally versed in the production of a Stone Facard where cost is the imperative.

This wall was produced to stop erosion and provide a long lasting retaining wall for the adjacent road. The outcome is an aesthetic masterpiece that while attractive also provides exceptional durability and functionallity.

Written by Jeremy on Tuesday July 22, 2014
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