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Staying economical requires a collaborative approach.

When working with clients, SCPC are always looking for opportunities to reduce expenses for both parties, while maintaining a high quality end-product. This requires a constant awareness of improvements in processes, and results in the use of innovative ideas, technologies and products.

In a recent project, SCPC and our client discovered an opportunity such as this. The opportunity resulted with SCPC’s client reducing the time to undertake the job and saved then a significant amount of money. SCPC developed a range of prefabricated letterboxes allowing their client to reduce time and building expenses. This improved the time to manufacture from 2-3 per day to over 20, saving the equivalent of 7 work days and the costs associated.

However SCPC does not stop at simply saving their client money. The prefabrication of the letterboxes is an example of this, as it enabled a range of finishes to be tested and applied giving the client the widest range of choices when it came to the final detail. This collaborative approach is a significant part of the ethos of SCPC.

Written by James on Monday November 11, 2013
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